Companies that use phone support as a way to help their customers are automatically at a disadvantage against those who have adopted live chat.

Call centres are much more costly while making a phone call requires a lot more effort from the customers compared to simply clicking a chat button.

There is a high chance that they might not bother and a sale could be lost, causing a long-term drop in revenue for your business.

If you still need some convincing that live chat should replace phone support as soon as possible, then argue with the 101 reasons Website Builder provides as per why you need to embrace live chat into your business.

In addition to a whole host of other benefits, using live chat can save and make your business a LOT of money. Here’s how:

  • Simple and easy to implement – Setting up live chat on your site doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, it can be a very cheap addition to your online presence and will require hardly any training of staff, which can be very expensive. Some companies even opt to use solely a social media platform, such as Facebook Messenger, as their live chat support channel, and in the majority of cases, this does not cost them a penny. This approach has a few drawbacks, though, as the dedicated live chat applications look more professional and add a bunch of user metrics that can be used to increase sales and customer retention.

  • No phone bills – Call centres are expensive. From the hardware and network setup, through manning it properly with trained and knowledgeable staff, to maintenance and supervision, it is a very costly form of customer support. Indeed, moar live chat software charges per user per month, but one chat agent can handle several clients at the same time (see below) and the software implementation and maintenance are practically free. Statistics show that live chat is about 300% cheaper than phone support.

  • Staff can multitask – Unlike talking to someone on the phone, members of the customer service team using live chat are able to multitask. This means that they are either able to handle multiple chats at one time or alternatively be talking to someone via live chat while doing another form of work. For a business, this can save a lot of time and company resources.

  • Reduced callbacks – Long waiting times or a sudden visit can cut a phone conversation prematurely, inducing the need for callbacks. Live chat has an average response time of 23 seconds and doesn’t require both parties to be present at all times. The client can safely open the door and continue his chat session without any problems. Even if the chat is interrupted for good, the transcript is saved, allowing the conversation to continue at a more convenient moment.

  • Chance to upsell – As a business, you have to constantly be thinking about ways to increase your income without additional payouts. Live chat presents an invaluable way to increase revenue while helping a customer out with a problem. The best live chat applications have the option of proactive chat. If used correctly, it can increase customer satisfaction and retention manifold.

Here is an infographic that uncovers the full potential of live chat and solidifies the reasons why you need to incorporate it in your business.

101 Reasons Why You Need To Embrace Live Chat


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