Incorporating Live Chat With WordPress

More and more companies are incorporating live chat into their customer service strategy. Times are changing and more people are shopping online than in the physical street shops.

These days, you can get everything you need online, and have it delivered straight to your doorstep–without even having to put pants on.

However, the only difference could be that online stores may lack someone to turn to when you need an instant answer to a question.

And, live chat is normally used to solve this problem.

Just live normal conversations, live chat assists people to talk to each other over the internet.

Companies are using live chats on their retail websites to assist customers better understand their products, easily locate products, or complete the checkout process hassle-free.

Customers don’t want to go through the bother of having to pick up a phone and wait in line until someone can speak to them, or wait a few hours for a response to an email.

Ensuring that each customer leaves the online store happy is vital. It can be the difference between a sale, losing a customer, or gaining a regular shopper.

Over 67% of shoppers on e-commerce websites will abandon their shopping carts without checking out, and uncertainty about the products is often the major cause of this.

All businesses should consider adding a chat feature on their sites to stop this from happening and realize an increase in sales.

Live Chat and WordPress

When building a website on WordPress, there is an easy way to incorporate live chat.

The WP Live Chat Support Plugin lets companies communicate with their clients through a live chat.

The chat support plugin has an easy-to-use interface, both for  businesses and customers. It also lets companies save the conversations which can be helpful for discovering trends and common pain points.

The chat plugin is free and can easily power small to medium businesses; though, if more than two chat agents are needed, then it could be beneficial to upgrade to a paid option.

Other WordPress live chat plugins are also available out there that companies can use to incorporate live chatting onto their websites.

These include:

  • Zendesk Chat
  • Tidio Live Chat
  • LiveChat WP live
  • My Live Chat
  • Live Chat by Formilla
  • Chat, Quick Chat
  • Live Chat from ClickDesk
  • Drift, YITH Live Chat
  • Lively Chat Support, East Chat
  • Tawk

Nonetheless, the WordPress Live Chat Support Plugin is one of the most comprehensive choice for businesses that do not require relying on third party platforms.

Benefits of WP Live Chat Support Plugin

  • It can support an unlimited number of live chats. This  important feature ensures customers do not wait for extended periods to get responses.
  • It provides information on the visitors on the website. The live chat agent will be notified whenever a customer starts a conversation so they will never miss out on a chat.
  • It integrates with Google Analytics, which is very important for businesses in today’s technological world.
  • It is easily customizable. Once you have added the plugin, a new tab will be added to the WordPress dashboard. In the settings section, you’ll find a huge range of customizable options. You can also choose things like where your chat box will be placed on the website and have the option of making the box open automatically without the customer touching it.
  • It can be used on mobile devices. Companies should ensure   live chatting capabilities are enabled on mobile devices because so many people use mobile phones to do online shopping.


Any business that is using WordPress as a content management system should consider finding a way to incorporate a live chat plugin into their site.

A recent survey has revealed that 63% of respondents on live chat are more likely to return to the site. 40% of potential customers who have used a chat option on a retail site claimed that they were more likely to make a purchase once a week than the people that don’t make use of this customer service option.

Chat usage is steadily rising. In 2009, only 38% of customers were interested in using live chat on e-commerce sites. In 2012, this rose to 43%. And, then two years later, in 2014, this rose to 58%. Presently, the  usage still continues to grow.

Some of the big companies using live chat as a way of increasing customer satisfaction levels include Dell, Sears, Total Gym Fitness, and Orbitz.

In the near future, it is likely that every e-commerce site will incorporate a chat option, which will replace the current communication tools, such as phone, email and social media — almost entirely.

To discover easy to read  and interesting facts about live chatting, take a look at the adjoining infographic designed by the team at

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